Written & Produced by
Mike Kopera
Directed by
Steve Kopera
Cinematography by
Grzegorz L. Gill
Music by
Steve Sholtes
Production Design by
Haaland Wodell
Co-produced by
Haaland Wodell
Assistant Producers
Chris Bautista, Jeff Glavan, Dave Holstein,
J. Rene Peña
  A bit of a loner in a (seemingly) cold world, Gerald has one best friend and companion--his monkey puppet, Peter.

Peter has everything that Gerald lacks: charisma, a sense of humor, the ability to talk to anyone about anything. And yet, far from impressing Gerald, the monkey puppet's efforts to connect with strangers terrify him...

Mike Kopera, Bridget Moloney, Eric Lange, Valerie Hanna, Rod Damer, Anne Faulkner, and Rachel Chapman